Despite what many of us think, not only humans can dance. For some animals, dancing and putting on a show is a vital part of their life. One of these special animals is the Magnificent Bird of Paradise.
The Magnificent Bird of Paradise is native to the hills and mid-mountain forests of New Guinea
and it’s surrounding islands. New Guinea is an independent island located on top of Australia. It is known for its natural wonders and the many species that proudly call it home. Abundant in golden bays, crystal bays, and lush greens, it is a perfect place for many tropical species.

All species of Birds of Paradise are well known for their looks, but the Magnificent Bird of Paradise is amongst the most unique. The females, although still beautiful, have a fully brown body with a blue beak and feet. The males however are different. Sprouting from their backsides are two bright blue coils that are an authentic part of their dance. On their back is a sunflower yellow patch of feathers accompanied by a smaller red one which creates an attractive contrast. They similarly have blue beaks and feet.
The breeding season with the Magnificent Bird of Paradise begins from anywhere between July and December. The male bird starts off by finding a “dancing pole”. This could be a woody stick, a dead tree, sapling, or anything else that is tall and sturdy. They then proceed to clear the area from leaves, branches and other debris. The bare brown earth will help their colours pop out. Once everything is in
place, they start calling out loudly to any other birds that are nearby. If the male is lucky, a female will answer his call and perch at the top of his “dancing pole”. Some younger males will also gather around to
learn from the master. The show is ready to begin. The male ruffles and puffs out his feathers whilst jiggling his blue coils. He opens his beak, displaying a neon green inside, whilst swaying around. From ground-level, this all seems quite dull, but from the female’s point of view, his feathers glimmer a vibrant emerald green. A truly marvelous sight. The female then judges the show on looks, performance and strength. If he hits the sweet spot, she will then allow him to climb onto her back.
Now that you know about the breathtaking dance of the Magnificent Bird of Paradise, let us not underestimate animals. Let us treat them as well as us humans, as they are equally intelligent
and unique.
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