Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Welcome to our brand new ‘The Voice’ website. This will be our new means of communicating with you. We have finally opted to use a website rather than a printed medium to help the environment as well as to keep up with times and use a medium which will enable us to bring you news and articles faster and not be restricted with space.

The Voice team is made up of a group of dedicated students and teachers. We meet once a week during break time. Both students and teachers work hard together in order to be able to publish the students’ magazine (and from next year online articles). Students and teachers come up with a number of ideas and in the weeks that follow students work hard to compile their articles.   

The Voice started in 2002 when I joined Our Lady Immaculate School. During that time our school used to have a Club Day which was held once every month and I was asked by the headmistress of that time, Sr. Emerenziana, to start a Media Club and from there the idea of a magazine started. A few months later we issued our first edition of ‘The Voice’. The Voice magazine was an important medium to disseminate information as the use of social media was still not that popular.

Every year we use the funds collected by this magazine to invest in students’ needs or projects. In fact, the first school website was financed for some years later by the funds collected by The Voice. The Voice also contributed to buy the very first dvd player for our school, a huge Christmas tree, also financed one of the school’s concert and much more. In 2019 we started to work on a new project ‘The Students’ Creative Corner’. The idea was to provide students with their own creative space where they can work and find various crafts items which they can use free of charge. Of course we are still working on this project and this year we have another surprise related to this project.

Till 2019 The Voice was printed on paper and as we all know paper comes from trees. We have tried to print this magazine on recycled paper but it was not possible. To help the environment and compensate for the trees that have been used to publish The Voice we gave a donation to two voluntary organisations to plant trees in Indonesia and in Bolivia. Hopefully these donations have helped to sustain our precious forests. Now in 2020 we have decided to go a step further and start using this website instead of printing a magazine.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues Ms Caroline, Ms Jeanine and Mr Andre’ who are part of The Voice team and they are helping the team with various new projects. Special thanks also goes to our SMTs especially Ms. Galea, our Head of School, who has always helped us and backed us up in our work. I also wish to thank Miraine Farrugia who is a Form 4 student going to Form 5, who is our the Editor of the site and who is very active in our team.

I wish you all a good summer and prepare yourself for further articles.


Sergio Morana Social Studies Teacher

& The Voice Coordinator