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  •  Year 4  Poems
    Jien jisimni Vanessa u jgħiduli prinċipessa, b’libsa twila u sabiħa, kemm inħobb nagħmel il-fwieħa. Għall-kolazzjon kuljum nieħu tuffieħa. Immur il-ballu u t-tiġijiet, u ma tonqosx xi żjara lin-nanniet. Wara lura għall-kastell, nilgħab bl-aqwa ġugarell. Miktuba minn Kezia Lentini […]
  • Student Illustrator
    During summer, I took part in a competition for ‘student illustrator’ organized by the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes. A story was sent to us and I had to illustrate it, keeping in mind both the story […]
  • Messaġġ lill-Poeta 
    Waqt il-lezzjoni tal-Malti, l-istudenti tad-disa’ sena għadhom kif ħadmu fuq il-poeżija “Demgħat tas-Silġ” ta’ Mario Azzopardi. Wara li bħala klassi, iddiskutejna u analizzajna l-poeżija, l-istudenti ġew mistiedna jiktbu messaġġ lill-poeta. Mhux messaġġ kwalunkwe!   L-istudenti kellhom jimmaġinaw li […]
  • Teacher that Inspired Me Most
    Raquel Buhagiar – St Mark – Form 1 Lots of teachers have influenced me throughout my life but the teacher that has inspired me most is my kind-hearted mum. All my teachers had made a positive difference in […]
  • Adolescent girls have the right to a safe, educated, and healthy life.
    Leah Formosa Form 3 St. Cecilia “Girls and women’s rights are important!” How I love this sentence! Although, it wasn’t always this way. Hundreds of years ago, women and teen girls weren’t accepted in society as much as […]
  • Support – Emma – Junior Eurovision
    Emma Briffa, is fourteen years old and attends Our Lady Immaculate School. She started singing when she was 7 years old. Emma likes dancing and studies musical theatre. It was always her dream to participate in the Malta […]
  • Coral Reef Bleaching – Is it a Problem?
    When we imagine a coral reef, we normally picture large clusters of colours growing from the seabed. That is what they are supposed to look like, but due to climate change, coral reef bleaching is occurring in many […]
  • Students’ Play For St Francis
  • Well Done!!! Watch this…
    Well done to Rachel and Jael Buhagiar for their involvement in Bird Life Activities.  They are true ambassadors of planet earth and nature.
  • Il-Maltija
    AS part of the school’s participation in the Erasmus Project Tell me a Story, students attending Our Lady Immaculate School prepared the traditional dance Il-Maltija.  A number of local and international school participated in this project.  Enjoy !! […]
  • Having fun while learning French
    In form 2, during lessons for French, the topic ‘At the restaurant’ was covered during the second term.  Should any of the students visit France, the vocabulary and grammar learnt in this topic is something they will use.  […]
  • Silk Worms
    Article by Natalya Mallia Three years ago, I wanted to start breeding Silk Worms. Silk worms are the source of silk and millions of them are killed every year to create silk. They are white and silky, and […]
  • Being a Student During a Pandemic
    Poems by some of the students in Year 7 St. Matthew – about being a student during a pandemic Once I was  by Estella Attard  Once I was at school reading a book,   My body shook with fear and […]
  • Artistic – Makeup – Strong Message
    Article and Artistic Design by Martina Farrugia F2 St Paul When the pandemic started and activities got closed, I was trying to find a new hobby as I always liked being busy. I started to learn some basics […]
  • Litterless Winning Video
  • Litterless Photos by our Students
    As part of this year’s Litterless project we embarked on a project to raise awareness of litter in our country. We have asked our students to take photos of the litter that they observed. Our project is almost […]
  • Could Covid Improve Our Earth?
    Article written by Cesca Vassallo Form 4 Our Lady Immaculate School Student             Have you ever stopped to consider how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live? Have you noticed that some things we are doing […]
  • Street Litter
    Written by: Miraine Farrugia and Hale Bonello Our Lady Immaculate School Hamrun Street litter includes all the waste materials that are thrown away irresponsibly, especially those thrown away in the streets. The smallest things, from cigarette butts up […]
  • Competitions
    The winning result of Elena Baldacchino Grade 4 St.Bernard. in the MICAS mask competition was featured on One news.  She is here wearing the school uniform whilst giving a short interview
  • The costly litter issue of family picnics and barbecues.
    By: Mattea Portelli (Our Lady Immaculate School, Hamrun) Maltese families enjoy outdoor outings all year round on beaches and in the countryside. Unfortunately, not all people have the decency to clean up before leaving. This leads to an […]
  • Celebrating our students’ achievements
    Francesca Grech Form 2 Francesca Grech, who is in form 2, took part in a dance competition held by the National Association of Teachers of Dancing.  She took part in the Cha Cha Cha, Junior Beginners Waltz and […]
  • Poeziji Qosra – Garde 5
    Kitba ta’poeziji qosra miktuba minn Grade 5 St Bernadette.
  • Loving yourself isn’t easy
    Loving yourself isn’t easy. People don’t always love themselves. We used to be part of these people too, until we found a group called ‘BTS’. Their songs aren’t about any subject, they are about loving ourselves. One of […]
  • Art Work
    Beautiful artwork by Samantha Attard Form 1 student. If you have any work that you would like to display on TheVoice website do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Christmas is Forever
    by Amber Bezzina Christmas is forever ,not just for a dayEven though after December it goes away.This holiday comes with a lot of hollyBut that’s not the only reason to be jolly.In some places there’s snowBut all the […]
  • Turtle Release in Malta
    Written by: Miraine Farrugia Form 5  A year ago we had a wonderful day with a fruitful experience.  My friends and I went for a different type of outing. We went to Gnejna Bay which there was a turtle release.  Janis, the name […]
  • Kif għaddejt il-kwarantina.
    Artiklu miktub minn studenta. Jien bdejt il kwarantina meta sirt naf li ommi kien qabadha il-Covid 19. Peress li ma kontx naf jekk kellix il- marda wkoll ma tanx qgħadt viċin il- familjari tiegħi. Ftit jiem wara mort […]
  • I Love My School
    Two Poems By Sophie Giordmaina, Gr. 5, St. Bernadette I love my school, It’s really cool. The teachers here are like sugar and spice, But most I like that they are very nice. There is Form 1, 2 […]
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