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 Year 4  Poems

Jien jisimni Vanessa u jgħiduli prinċipessa, b’libsa twila u sabiħa, kemm inħobb nagħmel il-fwieħa. Għall-kolazzjon kuljum nieħu tuffieħa. Immur il-ballu u t-tiġijiet, u ma tonqosx xi żjara lin-nanniet. Wara lura għall-kastell, nilgħab bl-aqwa ġugarell. Miktuba minn Kezia Lentini (Ir-raba’ sena St Bernard) Jiena tifla kurjuża inħobb inkun avventuruża. Ommi u missieri semmewni Emily Kaye għax […]

Student Illustrator

During summer, I took part in a competition for ‘student illustrator’ organized by the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes. A story was sent to us and I had to illustrate it, keeping in mind both the story and the audience. The competition was a great opportunity for me as I always wished to illustrate […]

Messaġġ lill-Poeta 

Waqt il-lezzjoni tal-Malti, l-istudenti tad-disa’ sena għadhom kif ħadmu fuq il-poeżija “Demgħat tas-Silġ” ta’ Mario Azzopardi. Wara li bħala klassi, iddiskutejna u analizzajna l-poeżija, l-istudenti ġew mistiedna jiktbu messaġġ lill-poeta. Mhux messaġġ kwalunkwe!   L-istudenti kellhom jimmaġinaw li l-poeżija “Demgħat tas-Silġ” kitibha/ kitbitha ħabib/a tal-qalb tagħhom. Għalhekk, f’dan il-messaġġ kellhom jesprimu ruħhom draw kif ħassewhom […]


Deforestation represents one of the leading global crises that we are facing today. But one may ponder, what exactly is deforestation and why is it a problem? Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees and forests for human habitation, agriculture, wood making and so on.A recent study reveals that approximately 900 million trees are cut […]

Proġett Matthew (ESF.02.153)

L-iskola Our Lady Immaculate qed tipparteċipa fil-proġett Matthew (ESF.02.153), ikkoordinat miċ-Church School Children’s Fund. L-iskola investiet f’varjeta` sabiħa ta’ kotba bil-Malti u grazzi għal dan il-proġett, ingħatat l-istess ammont ta’ kotba b’xejn. Il-kotba diġa` jinsabu fil-klassijiet tat-tfal u dawn ħa jkunu ta’ nkoraġġiment sabiex it-tfal jaqraw aktar u jitgħallmu japprezza il-ktieb. Ejjew inħeġġu lil uliedna […]

Stop Animal Testing

Various cosmetics are tested on animals to ensure that they will not cause irritation and hypersensitivity reactions in humans. Some of these cosmetics are makeup, medicine, skincare, haircare, body care, fragrance, sunscreen, and lots more. Some products that use animal testing are Chanel, Sephora, Burberry, Dior, Clinique, Nars, L’oreal ,MAC, Calvin Klein, Head and Shoulders, […]

Teacher that Inspired Me Most

Raquel Buhagiar – St Mark – Form 1 Lots of teachers have influenced me throughout my life but the teacher that has inspired me most is my kind-hearted mum. All my teachers had made a positive difference in my life, but my mum is a person like no other.   First of all she gave […]

Adolescent girls have the right to a safe, educated, and healthy life.

Leah Formosa Form 3 St. Cecilia “Girls and women’s rights are important!” How I love this sentence! Although, it wasn’t always this way. Hundreds of years ago, women and teen girls weren’t accepted in society as much as men and boys. Females were just second to males. In my opinion, as much as boys can […]

Support – Emma – Junior Eurovision

Emma Briffa, is fourteen years old and attends Our Lady Immaculate School. She started singing when she was 7 years old. Emma likes dancing and studies musical theatre. It was always her dream to participate in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She worked hard and is thrilled to be one of the 12 finalists […]

Coral Reef Bleaching – Is it a Problem?

When we imagine a coral reef, we normally picture large clusters of colours growing from the seabed. That is what they are supposed to look like, but due to climate change, coral reef bleaching is occurring in many coral reefs worldwide. Why are coral reefs important? A few species of carnivorous fish live and feed […]

Gold Award

As a school, we strive hard to ensure that we promote and encourage the love for books and for reading amongst our students of all ages. I am very proud to inform you that the National Literacy Agency has awarded our school the Gold Award for its initiatives last scholastic year. As families, please help […]

Well Done!!! Watch this…

Well done to Rachel and Jael Buhagiar for their involvement in Bird Life Activities.  They are true ambassadors of planet earth and nature.

Well Done Litterless and YRE Students !!!

This has been another successful year for our Litterless Team as we managed to achieve good results in the Littereless competition as well as the YRE. Let us start by congratulating Giulia Cassar who managed to place first in one of the photo categories. We are also proud to announce that we had a number […]


AS part of the school’s participation in the Erasmus Project Tell me a Story, students attending Our Lady Immaculate School prepared the traditional dance Il-Maltija.  A number of local and international school participated in this project.  Enjoy !! Image by Photo by Fabio Marciano from Pexels

Having fun while learning French

In form 2, during lessons for French, the topic ‘At the restaurant’ was covered during the second term.  Should any of the students visit France, the vocabulary and grammar learnt in this topic is something they will use.  So, the students were given the project to create a conversation between a waitress and a client […]

Silk Worms

Article by Natalya Mallia Three years ago, I wanted to start breeding Silk Worms. Silk worms are the source of silk and millions of them are killed every year to create silk. They are white and silky, and they are scientifically also called Bombyx Mori. They are not able to live in the wild anymore […]

Being a Student During a Pandemic

Poems by some of the students in Year 7 St. Matthew – about being a student during a pandemic Once I was  by Estella Attard  Once I was at school reading a book,   My body shook with fear and my eyes were about to cry!  But was it all a lie? I just couldn’t deny!  And that […]

Artistic – Makeup – Strong Message

Article and Artistic Design by Martina Farrugia F2 St Paul When the pandemic started and activities got closed, I was trying to find a new hobby as I always liked being busy. I started to learn some basics of make-up and then I proceeded to the more creative side of make-up. I always enjoy doing […]

Litterless Photos by our Students

As part of this year’s Litterless project we embarked on a project to raise awareness of litter in our country. We have asked our students to take photos of the litter that they observed. Our project is almost at an end however we have realized that in reality our mission to raise more awareness about […]

Could Covid Improve Our Earth?

Article written by Cesca Vassallo Form 4 Our Lady Immaculate School Student             Have you ever stopped to consider how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live? Have you noticed that some things we are doing now could be saving the earth? Let us consider one simple example. Have your trips to the […]

Street Litter

Written by: Miraine Farrugia and Hale Bonello Our Lady Immaculate School Hamrun Street litter includes all the waste materials that are thrown away irresponsibly, especially those thrown away in the streets. The smallest things, from cigarette butts up to the largest ones like bulky waste materials, form part of such litter. Litter in the streets […]


The winning result of Elena Baldacchino Grade 4 St.Bernard. in the MICAS mask competition was featured on One news.  She is here wearing the school uniform whilst giving a short interview

The costly litter issue of family picnics and barbecues.

By: Mattea Portelli (Our Lady Immaculate School, Hamrun) Maltese families enjoy outdoor outings all year round on beaches and in the countryside. Unfortunately, not all people have the decency to clean up before leaving. This leads to an abundance of post-picnic littering which keeps on adding up until the place resembles a dump yard. This […]

Celebrating our students’ achievements

Francesca Grech Form 2 Francesca Grech, who is in form 2, took part in a dance competition held by the National Association of Teachers of Dancing.  She took part in the Cha Cha Cha, Junior Beginners Waltz and Junior Beginners Jive categories.  She did very well in this competition and placed first in Cha Cha […]

Waste Created By This Dreadful Pandemic

Written by Emily Pace Delicata – Form 5 Covid-19 hit the whole world like a bomb. No one anticipated that such a microscopic virus could tarvel all over the world. In a few months nearly every country started going into lockdowns , schools were forced to close down and most people started working from home […]

Intervista ma’ Ms. Carla

1. Meta kont żgħira minn dejjem ridt tkun għalliema tal-ġeografija? Le mhux minn dejjem kont naħseb li se nsir għalliema. Xtaqt li naħdem bħala bankiera. Iżdameta kont nilgħab bil-pupi kont dejjem nkun l-għalliema tagħhom. 2. Il-passatempi tiegħek x’inhuma? Inħobb noħroġ u nsiefer iżda kemm konna ilna d-dar erġajt qbadt naħdem is-suf bil-ganċ u l-labar, kif […]

Foster a Plant Campaign

The Litterless Team at OLIS have embarked on another project this time to help Nature Trust. Nature Trust has asked schools to help foster 50 plants and seeds. These plants will then be collected next year and planted in Nature Trust’s nature reserves. The Litterless Team asked students and parents who would be interested to […]

Intervista ma’ Ms. Sharon – Għalliema tar-Reliġjon

1. X’ħajrek biex issir għalliema? Minn meta kont żgħira kont nilgħab tat-teacher bil-pupi u bil-blackboard. Imbagħad meta kont nattendi l-Mużew kienu offrewli nibda noqgħod ma’ xi klassijiet taż-żgħar u norganizzawlhom xi attivitajiet u minn hemm xtaqt li nibda l-istudju tiegħi biex insir għalliema. 2. Minn dejjem kellek ix-xewqa li tgħallem ir-reliġjon ? Le, kelli diversi […]

Reliġjonijiet Differenti

Intervista – miktuba minn Giulia Farrugia Jien ġbart dan il-grupp ta’ domandi fuq ir-reliġjonijiet differenti fis-soċjeta’ u saqsejthom lil ommi u lil ħabiba tiegħi Oana. Dawn kienu t-tweġibiet tagħhom; Oana: X’inhi l-opinjoni tiegħek dwar ir-reliġjonijiet differenti li nsibu fis-soċjeta’? L-opinjoni tiegħi dwar dan hi li kull reliġjon għandha twemmin differenti u l-bniedem għandu japrezza u […]

Intervista ma’ Ms Jeannine – Għalliema tal-Malti

                  Kif qed issib l-esperjenza li qed tagħmel il-lezzjonijiet onlajn?  Għalkemm hija ftit ta’ sfida kultant peress li hi xi ħaġa kemxejn ġdida għal kulħadd, inħoss li fiha t-tajjeb tagħha wkoll. Il-fatt li tista’ tilħaq lill-istudenti kollha, kemm dawk fil-klassi u anke dawk fid-dar fl-istess ħin, żgur li hija ħaġa tajba ħafna. Biss il-kuntatt mal-istudenti […]

Intervista ma’ Ms. Ferraro:

Miktuba minn Mariah Zarb Form 3 Kif qattajt il-ġranet tiegħek meta qlibna għas-sistema tal-onlajn?  Filgħodu u wara nofsinhar kont niddedika l-ħin għal-lezzjonijiet kif ukoll biex nikkoreġi (għal corrections). Fil-ħin liberu kont nipprova nqatta’  ftit tal-ħin għal passatempi u mal-familja, u normalment filgħaxija u fit-tmiem il-ġimgħa  (weekend) kont immur nimxi.   Kieku għandek xi poteri sopranaturali xi jkun u għaliex?  Bħalissa jkun li nwaqqaf il-Covid, u nagħti lura l-libertà lil kulħadd, li nagħmlu kulma konna nagħmlu qabel, mingħajr restrizzjonijiet […]

Intervista ma’ Ms. Saoirse – Għalliema tal-Malti.

X’ inhuma l-passatempi tiegħek ? Inħobb immur nimxi fil-kampanja u ngawdi l-ħajja kemm nista’. Kif tħossok li tgħallem fl-istess skola li kont tmur meta kont żgħira ? Inħossni onorata li nista’ naħdem mal-għalliema tiegħi bħala l-kollega tagħhom u kuntenta li nista’ ngħaddi l-valuri li l-iskola rawmet fija lill-istudenti preżenti. Xi jfissru l-Malti u Franċiz għalik? […]

Welcome to OLIS

Some years ago with TheVoice funds we bought our first aquarium. The aquarium was small and we started off with just a couple of goldfish. Following that we decide to get a larger tank and it is now on display next to the head’s office. Of course it is not just a matter of having […]

Loving yourself isn’t easy

Loving yourself isn’t easy. People don’t always love themselves. We used to be part of these people too, until we found a group called ‘BTS’. Their songs aren’t about any subject, they are about loving ourselves. One of their songs, (answer: Love myself) our favorite part is where it says: ‘You’ve shown me I have […]

Intervista ma’ Sister Grace

Kemm qegħdin sorijiet fil-kunvent  Qegħdin 7 sorijiet.  Kif ġietek il-ħajra biex tidħol soru ?  Jien kont naħdem mas-sorijiet u kienet togħġobni l-ħajja li kienu jgħixu u wara li tlabt ħafna u ħadt parir iddeċidejt li nidħol soru. Dan qabel kollox kien Alla li sejjaħli u jien weġibt għal din is-sejħa.  Bħala sorijiet, x’tagħmlu fil-weekend ? […]

Litterless Competition Winners

Well done to Alice Morana and Celine Caruana who have placed first and second in last year’s Design the Bag competition which was organised by Litterless OLIS. A number of bags have now been printed with the winner’s design and will be for sale in the coming weeks. Well done to all winners. We would […]

Intervista – Midja Soċjali

Din l-intervista għamilta lill-nanna u nannu tiegħi – Sarah Cassar Form 3 Question 1) X’taħseb fuq il-medja soċjali? Nanna- Huwa avvanzat ħafna u jgħina nikkomunikaw b’mod faċli. Nannu- Bħallissa huwa importanti ħafna ħabba sitwazzjoni li qedin fijha u hija parti kbira min ħajjitna. Question 2) Int tużaħ il-medja soċjali? Nanna-  Iva jien nuża television, l-ipad, l-mobile, […]

Art Work

Beautiful artwork by Samantha Attard Form 1 student. If you have any work that you would like to display on TheVoice website do not hesitate to contact us.

Christmas is Forever

by Amber Bezzina Christmas is forever ,not just for a dayEven though after December it goes away.This holiday comes with a lot of hollyBut that’s not the only reason to be jolly.In some places there’s snowBut all the places glow,With the joy of ChristmasIt’s not about the presentsAnd it’s not about the toysIt’s about spending […]

Turtle Release in Malta

Written by: Miraine Farrugia Form 5  A year ago we had a wonderful day with a fruitful experience.  My friends and I went for a different type of outing. We went to Gnejna Bay which there was a turtle release.  Janis, the name of the released turtle was rescued by the AFM in February 2019. Janis was found entangled in marine […]

Kif għaddejt il-kwarantina.

Artiklu miktub minn studenta. Jien bdejt il kwarantina meta sirt naf li ommi kien qabadha il-Covid 19. Peress li ma kontx naf jekk kellix il- marda wkoll ma tanx qgħadt viċin il- familjari tiegħi. Ftit jiem wara mort nagħmel it-test tal-Covid 19. Ġurnata wara ġew ir-riżultati u sfortunatament kont pożittiva. Biex ma nmarradx lill- familja […]

Intervista – Bullying

Miktuba minn Shana Azzopardi Form 3 Kieku int qed tiġi bbulljata taħseb li titkellem ma’ xi ħadd jew tippreferi ma tgħid lil ħadd u għaliex? Martina: Jien kieku naħseb nitkellem, mhix għażla ħafifa imma kieku nħossni aħjar jekk nitkellem forsi l-affarijiet jinbidlu. Yanika: Kieku jien qed niġi bbulljata nippreferi ma ngħid lil ħadd għax nibża’ li mhux kulħadd […]

YRE/Litterless Awards

The YRE Awards Ceremony held today 18th November over Zoom with the participation of our students both from school and home. Our students placed first in the Category Video 11-14 years with their video “Le ghall-boroz tal-plastik”. The school also had success in other categories, one photo chosen as a finalist and three commended in […]

I Love My School

Two Poems By Sophie Giordmaina, Gr. 5, St. Bernadette I love my school, It’s really cool. The teachers here are like sugar and spice, But most I like that they are very nice. There is Form 1, 2 and 3, There is Year 1, 2 and 3. In Year 1 we learn the ABC, I […]

A Great Safe First Day of School.

A big hello from group 1 girls👍🏻 We are very happy to welcome back our students. OLIS is back in action ! Every day mass will be celebrated with a different group respecting all covid mitigation measures. Today grade 6 cluster celebrated mass.

The Ocean Pandemic

By Justine Formosa OLIS student We are going through a pandemic, but so is the big blue ocean. It has been going through one since the 1960s, when our former generations started spewing out tons and tons of chemical, industrial and radioactive residue into it. Debris from heavy metals, some of which can cause damage […]

Olis Won!!! bBrave more photos:

On Tuesday 15th of September 2020 our school was presented with a trophy and a certificate for winning the “National Anti-Bullying Week” campaign. We are posting more photos of the short presentation that we had in our school. This is what bBrave had to say: “Last year, bBrave launched Malta’s first-ever National Anti-Bullying Week with […]

Rachel’s Experience with KNŻ

Written by Rachel Baldacchino Hello, I’m Rachel and this September I will be starting my last year of secondary education. Economics has always been one of my favourite subjects at school. This year I have decided to take part in the National Youth Parliament 2020. I had heard about this opportunity from various places, one […]

Participating in the KNŻ by Emma Brownrigg Fenech

My name is Emma Brownrigg Fenech. Most probably you heard my name around in the school, because I take part in a lot of after-school activities. I have always been interested in politics and in spreading my opinion about what’s happening around me and through this school I had many opportunities, one of which was […]

Nature calling out to us – Covid-19

written by Faith Muscat – Form 1: St. Matthew Suddenly the world had stopped. The Covid-19 came and there is no vaccine for it. So people had to stay at home to be safe. No one is happy but wait someone is. The beautiful earth is happy because it is breathing again. Pollution is decreasing […]

Interesting Facts

Information compiled by Alice Morana with the help of her family. Today I am going to write about the population of different animals and humans in the world. Lions: 20,000 White lions: 300 Polar Bears: 31,000 Tigers: 3,900 Pandas: 1,864 Rhinos: 29,000 Elephants: 40,000 to 50,000 Giraffes: 68,000 Mountain Gorillas: 1,000 Cheetahs: 7,100 Egyptian Vultures: […]

Rebecca Farrugia

Intervista minn Elisa Psaila From 5 1. X’ħajrek tibda tkanta? Xi kantanti ispirawni kif ukoll il-kant kien dejjem jogħġobni minn mindu kont żgħira. 2. Minn dejjem kien jogħġbok il-kant? Iva,min mindu kont żgħira. 3. Kemm il-darba tipprattika? Darbtejn fil-ġimgħa. Ikolli darba tad-‘drama’ u ‘performing arts’ u lezzjoni tal-vuċi. 4. Ġieli ħadt sehem f’xi kompetizzjoni? Jekk […]

Introducing The Voice Website

Dear The Voice readers, I hope that you are fine. I welcome you to the newly launched website. The Voice website is aimed to bring the school community together. Here you will find articles, drawings, photography and much more. The aim of this blog is to reduce paper , also students will be able  access […]

Helping Nature

As part of our commitment to help the environment The Voice magazine took part in a number of different environmental initiatives such as the Young Reporters for the Environment as well as tree planting campaigns. We also used some of our funds to plant trees in Borneo where thousands of trees are being cut down […]

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