Dear The Voice readers,

I hope that you are fine. I welcome you to the newly launched website. The Voice website is aimed to bring the school community together.

Here you will find articles, drawings, photography and much more. The aim of this blog is to reduce paper , also students will be able  access this blog anytime they want and by that we will be making good use of our technology. As our school is an Ekoskola school and we are in the forefront of environmental campaigns we have decided that from now on, everything will be published online.

All of us had to adapt to a new norm in the past months. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but we made it ! I would like to say a massive thank you to all teachers and SMT for all the work they have done during this year especially in the last months. Your work is much appreciated! Each and every one of you worked hard to make sure all students continue with their syllabus and keep on going. I also would like to say another huge well done to all students for adapting to an unexpected situation; home schooling. Another thank you goes to all parents for their help.

The Voice was planning activities for the rest of this scholastic year.  Those ideas and plans are to be done during the upcoming year. All students have worked hard to create an article/a drawing/an interview and much more to make the blog as versatile as possible.

As I always say : ‘The voice accepts new members but not only that , ‘The Voice’ listens to students’ suggestions on what they would like to see in this blog. Please feel free to tell us any ideas for the magazine or what we, as a team can do.

I would like to wish all of you a happy and restful Summer , but don’t forget to revise as September 2020 will be soon with us!

Miraine Farrugia The Editor

Ex Form 4 St.James