Interviewed by Amber Bezzina form 2 St. Peter

Student: Why did you decide to become a teacher? 

Miss Marvic: I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to be the change in someone’s life.

Student: Was it always your dream to become a teacher?

Miss Marvic: Yes, it was always my dream. I always wanted to pass on to others what I knew.

Student: What (in your opinion) makes a good teacher?

Miss Marvic: I think a good teacher should be able to listen, understand and act on what should be done.

Student: Were you always very good at the subject you teach?

Miss Marvic: Yes, German was always my favourite subject. I am happy that when I was younger, I chose to learn this language.

Student: What do you expect from your students?

Miss Marvic: Respect, I think respect can change the whole relationship between a teacher and a student.

Student: How would you act if you get unexpected behaviour from your students?

Miss Marvic: It’s not easy but my immediate reaction is getting angry about what happened. Then I try to talk to that student to understand the reason for doing that.

Student: What do you do in class to keep your students interested?

Miss Marvic: I always plan different activities during which the students can learn but also have fun while working together.

Student: Lastly, do you have any important messages that you would like to pass on to your students?

Miss Marvic: Always believe in yourself! Everyone can achieve his/her dreams if one works hard for them. It is also important to always take care of your mental health. 😊 You’re unique!


Now here are some extra comments from my classmates where they were asked to give their comments about Miss Marvic.   

Naomi Azzopardi says: I like Miss Marvic because she organizes so many German related activities for us in our German lessons!

Josiah Camilleri says: Miss Marvic is one of my favourite teachers, when I feel sad she helps me, and she is really patient with me.

Maia Borg: Miss Marvic is a really good teacher, she does not only focus on the German subject but also focuses on how to make us enjoy her lessons and it’s always a great time during her lessons.

 Jade Brincat: Miss Marvic really cares for her students. She always makes sure that we are understanding and prepares fun activities to make us understand better.