Firstly let’s start with the basics. What is lent?

Lent is a 40-day period starting from ash Wednesday and ending 3 days before easter. Lent doesn’t always start on the same date. The date changes according to when Easter will be. Every Sunday is skipped during Lent and that’s why we consider it to be 40 days, not 46. During Lent, we remember what sacrifices Jesus made for us.

The most thing Lent is known for is doing sacrifices. A lot of people stop eating sweets or meat or decide to decrease the amount of coffee they have but maybe, this year, you can do something to bring joy to the people around you instead.

Sacrifices you can do during Lent this year

  • Complement people– You know that nice feeling you get when someone tells you what nice shoes you have or how nice your hair looks. You can bring this joy to everyone around you!
  • Smile to everyone you meet– If a person is having a bad day, you can brighten their day up. Even if they don’t smile back, you’ll feel good inside.
  • Listen to the people around you– Maybe, sometimes, you tend to get carried away and while someone talking in class, you turn to talk to your friend instead of listening to them. You can try to resist this urge and try to listen more.
  • Helping anyone in need– Perhaps, if you see your friend struggling with a math problem or someone got hurt, you should help them. This year you can even try helping charities or helping an animal sanctuary.
  • Respect one another– You love when people respect you. So why wouldn’t you do the same for others? You’ll also have a chance to be respected because people tend to treat each other the way they’re treated.
  • Ask how someones day is going–  You can make someone feel special by simply just asking how their day is going.
  • Be careful what you say to other people– Words hurt a lot so we need to pay attention to what we say to others. You may not think you said something wrong but your words could’ve harmed the other person. So be always kind.

It’s also important to not only do these things during Lent but every day. We treat people how we want to be treated.

By Emma Camilleri

Year 8 St. Peter