By Elle Bonello- Form 4 St James 

How could you find pride, 

In something you can’t hide? 

Why do you steal another’s light, 

With your strong might? 

Every step that I take, 

You have to remake. 

You make my manner yours, 

Which ‘ll be the one they’ll remember, of course. 

Your attitude’s not new, 

Your action starts after my cue. 

For, what I do and love more, 

Are the things you take credit for. 

You really crossed the line, 

Now you’re copying my tone 

I think I ‘ve had enough, 

I don’t need you as my clone. 

Don’t let a person make you change, 

Instead, with your real self you must engage. 

Because no matter what they do, 

They’ll never do it as good as you.