Many people start to smoke to look cool, or because it was a trend, but they don’t consider the side effects it may leave on their health. Here is an insight into what happens to your body when you smoke cigarettes.

There are many forms of cigarettes, but the most common are tobacco cigarettes. These are made out of mainly tobacco leaves and other harmful chemicals. Around 70 chemicals found in tobacco smoke cause cancer. This mixture is then rolled up into a thin sheet of paper and sold around the world.

Smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths globally.  About half the people who smoke tobacco die due to it. About 10% of all deaths are caused by tobacco. The use of tobacco most commonly leads to diseases affecting the lung, heart, and liver. It is also the cause of many illnesses such as pneumoniaheart attacksstrokeschronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and many different types of cancer. Even secondhand smoke can cause these diseases. Of course, this varies on the amount of secondhand smoke, but it can cause these health risks.

So why do people still smoke? Most people start to smoke due to peer pressure, advertisements, and others. Once you start to smoke, it is very very very hard to stop, due to the highly addictive chemical nicotine found in cigarettes. People who are highly motivated to stop smoking still find it difficult. That’s why they need support from Get With Public Health: Get Support for Quitting During the Great, friends, and even groups of people who are in the same boat. Other methods are patches and nicotine gum. These release tiny amounts of nicotine to satisfy the smoker’s cravings, but they slowly start to decrease so that the smoker no longer needs nicotine.

If you know anyone who smokes, try to convince him/her to stop, and explain to him/her the side effects. Support them every step of the way, and help them in any way you can.