Written by Sherlyn Misheal Class: St. Cecilia  

In today’s world, people are taking advantage of our earth’s resources and it is causing a lot of damage to Mother Nature. Right now, one of the biggest problems is animal extinction. 

Animal extinction is a big problem, but for every problem, there is always a solution. In 2022 there are about 41,415 endangered species on the IUCN red list, the IUCN red list is international union for conservation of nature, it is a list that shows the most endangered animals, for which is a significant difference is compared to last year as there were only 16,306 on the red list. Many animals like pandas, leopards and gorillas are on the list but the top 5 endangered animals this year are: 

  1. Javan rhinoceros 
  1. Vaquita dolphins  
  1. Mountain gorillas 
  1. Tigers 
  1. Asian elephants  

This problem is happening mainly because of deforestation, over exploitation, climate change and pollution. Deforestation causes loss of the animal’s habitat in the forest and woodland. Sea animals and species are also in danger due to over exploitation, over fishing and hunting. Pollution and climate change are both linked because pollution creates global warming and that causes climate change which can be a threat to the animals. Therefore, we need to find solutions to try to stop the number of animals on the red list. 

Somethings that we can do to prevent animals from becoming extinct are by using eco-friendly products, i.e., products that will not harm the environment… This also applies to makeup products that are tested on animals or have animal traces in them so be aware of what you buy! Follow the 3-R rule which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. If everyone makes an effort to follow this rule, our daily waste will be reduced. Eating less meat also helps. This could have a lot of benefits as meat-eaters are speeding up worldwide animal extinction. 

All these suggestions make a difference. Even the tiniest actions that we do could make an impact on this situation and if we work together and spread awareness, we could eventually decrease the number of endangered animals all over the world. 

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