1. Ghostbusters:

Ghostbusters is a fantasy/comedy about 3 scientists who get kicked out of the University of New York. Afterwards they decide to convert an old firehouse into a shop and become the famous Ghostbusters, where they trap ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, and hauntings.

  • Nightmare before Christmas:

Nightmare before Christmas is a fantasy/musical movie about the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who decides to spread Christmas joy all over the world. However, his mission goes wrong and puts Santa Claus in an angry position and creates a nightmare for all the good children of the world.

  • The Witches:

The Witches is a fantasy/family movie about a young English boy and a Norwegian grandmother who travel from Norway to England because of witches who were trying to get to the young boy. Soon they realise that the witches are everywhere in the world.

  • Goosebumps:

Goosebumps is a horror/supernatural film about a teen, named Zach, who moves from a big city to a small town. He finds out that his beautiful neighbour, Hannah is the daughter of R.L Stine. By mistake Zach unleashes the monsters from R.L Stine`s books. The story continues with Stine, Hannah and Zach, who do their best to find the monsters and put them back into their story books.

  • Halloween Town:

Halloween Town is a fantasy/family movie about a 13 year old girl named Marnie and her younger siblings. They travel with their grandmother, who is a good witch, to Halloween Town – a place where unusual monsters live normal human lives.  Soon Marnie realises that she a witch too.

By Manuela Kawka St Francis