Thessaloniki is in the northwest corner of the Aegean sea located in Greece. This city is known for its
gorgeous beaches and is considered to be Greece’s cultural capital.I visited Perea Beach which is one of
the many beaches in Thessaloniki it is surrounded by many restaurants, lido’s and bars. This beach is
mostly popular amongst parents with young children and young adults as while taking a stroll on the
promenade of this beach one may notice the many arcades people can choose from and many shops
from which you can rent mini cars and electric scooters. The arcades are an affordable hangout spot for
the locals Thessaloniki city center is another location which is attracted by many tourists. A few of the
many monuments are,The Triumphal Arch Of Galerius dedicated to the victory of the Roman Emperor
Galerius, The Rotunda which was built in 305 AD, The Monument of Alexander The Great, and The White
Tower Of Thessaloniki which housed as an air defense from 1912 up to 1983.

Written by Estella Marie Attard