Written by Aliyha-Ann Falzon Stewart

Book 1: The World’s Worst Children 2

This book is about different children and some exciting experiences about them!

The author of The World’s Worst Children 2 is David Walliams. His career includes being a comedian, author, actor, writer, and television personality. Fun fact: There are more than 37 million copies of his books worldwide

Comment about the World’s Worst Children 2:

Alexa Pisani – This story is incredibly fun and colourful! The fact that is has so many animations make it so wonderful.

Book 2: Wonder 

This book is about a boy called August Pullman. He has been home-schooled all his life and throughout the book we see his experiences. August experiences some difficulties because of differences that he has to other children.

The author of this book is R.J Palacio who is an American Author. She is the author of some of the best novels for kids and has also won the Good Choice Awards, Best Picture Book.

Some comments about Wonder:

Kristina Vassallo- Wonder is a truly inspiring book, it shows courage, braveness and so much more. You truly can learn from August’s life. I have learned that being united is key and you are capable of everything if you just stay strong.                                                                         

Martina Debono– I feel like Wonder is a wonderful book but at the same time what happened to August was sad but there were some good moments too. Wonder: It is a nice and interesting story with a meaningful message that just because your different does not mean that you should not be treated just the same.

Alaiyah Cremona Olivari – I read Wonder and it has an incredibly good message. I love the story because it is a situation that some people may have to deal with it in real life.


Book 3: Il-Vjaġġaturi taż-żmien

This is a Maltese language book and is about 2 cousins: Alex and Maia. They are incredibly special cousins, and they solve some mysteries.

The author of this book is Simone Spiteri she is a Maltese author, and these are some of her interesting books: Il-Muftieħ tal-Passat, Storikus (1,2) and Il-Vjaġġaturi taż-żmien.

Some comments about this book Il-Vjaġġaturi taż-żmien:

Julia Spiteri It is an inspiring book with appealing characters. I suggest it for children who love history and good adventure!

Emma Zahra-   This book is a mystery book and will pique your curiosity as it will change the plot of History makes sense and you will want to keep reading it to the end. This book introduces you to the story and I suggest it for children who love mysterious books.

 Book 3:  Il-Misteru tal-labirint

This book is about a girl named Thea and during summer break she gets to know a boy named Nick and together they find/ and explore a labyrinth (“Labirint.”)

                                                                                                             The author of this incredibly interesting book is Rita Saliba. A Maltese author who writes different types of books for adults, teenagers, and children.

A comment about Il-Misteru tal-Labirint :

Rachel Sciberras –This book is about a mystery that at first was impossible to solve but in the end, they managed to.