Article Written by Emma Marie Sammut form 3

Freddie Mercury, originally named Farrokh Bulsara was born on the 5th September 1946. Freddie himself was born on the Tanzanian Island on Zanzibar close to India, where he was sent to school to by his parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara. After a certain amount of years, Freddie and his family moved and lived in England.

Freddie Mercury met Queen, his fellow band members, when he used to go out with his friend Tim Staffel who was part of a band called “Smile”.  When Staffel eventually left the band, Freddie took the opportunity to take his place as the lead singer and after the rest of the band were in awe with his voice, they knew that they had to start writing songs. Freddie Mercury particularly had a better voice then most because he had 4 extra incisors (front teeth) causing a larger rage for the voice. The first song that this band had ever sang was the song “Keep Yourself Alive” however eventually when the creation of the so called masterpiece “Bohemian Rhapsody” was recorded, it had a big hit!

This made Queen popular offering opportunities such as albums and tours around the whole globe. Eventually, after many shows, Freddie came out as gay and as his fellow band mates were starting to get married, he got separated from his current lover, Mary Austin and entered r a completely new relationship with a man named Jim Hutton.

Freddie got offered a solo deal by his manager making him feel multiple emotions. He felt furious because he had to separate the band yet tempted by the deal since it offered 3 million dollars. He decided to go for it even though his band members disagreed completely and told him that he wouldn’t do any success without them. Truthfully, they were right. Freddie was not making positive process and he started getting tempted by the addiction of drugs and alcohol causing him to become terribly sick.

He was diagnosed with AIDS that very year and had to face the truth of near death for the reason that during that period of time, there was no cure for this disease. However Freddie didn’t give up, he wanted to live his life utmost and do his best at the LIVE AID concert which occurred in the year of 1985. He sang his songs with passion and love together with his band and the millions of fans that were present that day both physically and on the television. His dream was fullfilled but after 6 years, Mercury sadly passed away on November 24th of 1991. The sorrow the world felt the day he died was speechless and could only be described as if the world had stopped.

I choose to write about this band and particularly Freddie Mercury because although the band started small, together with teamwork and effort, they managed to do the best and become one of the most famous bands known. They always enjoyed including their crowds in the songs and I’m sure that even though Queen is not physically there anymore, I still believe their songs should keep themselves alive!!!

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