Written by Ilenya Schembri and Sarah Cassar – Grade 6 IHM

‘Beep Beep!’ the driver horned. It was a beautiful day and the children were eager to go to the outing. But, what will they be doing?

They trotted down the tiny stairs of the bright red mini van. They were facing the building of Mdina. They opened their bags and took out their kaleidoscopic clipboard. They clipped the handout and commenced their Maths Trail. They worked out a myriad of questions but, Ms. Petra and Ms. Francesca did their best to make it fun. The students LOVED the activity!

It was finally the best part of the day. Lunch! The children opened their lunch boxes and indulged their appetizing food whilst enjoying the picturesque view they had before them. The children enjoyed it. After, they played some games. They played Truth or Dare? Catch, Hide and Seek and raced each other amongst others. After a couple of hours, they walked happily through the narrow old street to head back to their mini vans.

They had a marvellous time and they can’t wait for their next outing. Who knows what it’ll bring!