• For how long have you been an LSE? 

[Ms. Graziella]: This is my 3rd scholastic year working as an LSE. 

  • What inspired you to become an LSE? 

[Ms. Graziella]: It has always been my wish to work with students and youths and to help others.  After 11years of working within the Finance department, I felt the need to pursue my dreams and get out of my comfort zone and do the job that I wished to do for a long. 

  • What are some day to day responsibilities that you have in your job? 

 [Ms.Graziella]: Doing adaptations and alternate work and resources in order to help my students understand the lesson/topic better.  Also, assisting the students during the lessons and providing help when need be.                                                   

  • What was your dream job? 

[Ms.Graziella]: My dream job was that of a journalist and newscaster… a wish I had since I was 10years old up to the age of 20years.  However, I then took a different path. 

  • What is the biggest challenge you go through as an LSE? 

 [Ms.Graziella]: Every year is different since the student/s I would be assisting change and have different needs. This requires adaptation and lots of preparation. 

  • What is one of your favourite moments as an LSE? 

[Ms.Graziella]: Job satisfaction.  When your students tell you that they are very happy to have you as their LSE and when you are praised for your dedication by the staff, students themselves, and as well as their parents. 

  • What do you like to do in your free time? 

[Ms.Graziella]: I like cooking and trying new recipes, fashion and clothing, spending time with my family and friends as well as drama/acting.