Work Prepared by Mariah Darmanin – Grade 6 IHM

It was a sunny Monday morning.  The birds were flying peacefully in the open blue sky, flowers were blooming and people were laughing.  It was like nothing could ruin this glorious day.  But oh how wrong I was!

            As I got to school everyone was looking very positive about today.  We were going on a school trip to a farm.  Everyone hopped on the bus and was feeling excited.  Suddenly, the engine came to a halt.  Everyone in the bus started mumbling and they all looked shocked and terrified.  The bus driver got the engine to work again we were finally back on track. 

            Everyone thought that from now on everything would go perfectly, but it didn’t.  All of a sudden, a clap of thunder striked the ground and it started raining cats and dogs.  Everyone had a terrified look on their face.  The teachers decided to head back to school since it was pouring.

            Everyone was very sad but, the teachers didn’t stop the fun there.  We were playing games, doing crafts and singing songs.  Even if we didn’t go on the field trip, this one of the most memorable days of my life.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!