Article written by Estella Marie Attard Form 2 St Paul

Rabat is located in the northern region of Malta and it adjoins Mdina.  During the Christmas holidays, I visted both localities with my family.  While I was there I captured on camera some interesting places inside these localities St.Cathaldus Church, Crypt and Catacombs.

The small baroque chapel of St. Cataldus is located in Rabat-Malta. Underlying the church is a series of small, well-kept catacombs. The medieval crypt with a hypogeum beneath can be accessed from within the church. Inside the crypt, there was a canopied table grave. The hypogeum is reached through a flight of stairs from the crypt and it has canopied or Baldachian-style graves. In the middle of the hypogeum lies an Agape Table surrounded by Loculi which are graves in the walls. A lady who volunteers there said that every month a feast used to be held in honour of the dead at the Agape Table.

Canopied Table Graves