Out of all the schools in Malta, what encouraged you to choose this school? And what was your first impression of the school?
As you might be aware, for 4 years, I was already a Head of School in another school. I was very happy there and the school was excellent. However, when I saw the advert for the position of Head of School in a church school which was also closer to my beliefs and morals, I thought of applying and I got the job. Working in a church school is different since in a church school you do not only ensure the development of the intellectual and physical aspect of the students but as head you are also responsible to ensure that the students under your care develop spiritually and morally. So in a church school you ‘sow seeds’ that you hope will grow even when the students grow up as responsible citizens.

What was your dream job? Was it always being a head mistress.
When I was younger I wanted to become a doctor since I think it is a very noble profession. I in fact studied sciences up till sixth form. Then one day we had an excursion related to the medical profession (I will not mention where) and I totally changed my mind. I realised that after all it was not the job for me. After finishing my A levels, I then started the teaching degree course.

For how long have you been a head mistress in our school? In our school 14 years.

Why did you choose to become a head mistress?
I was a teacher first in the primary and then in secondary, then became subject coordinator whilst I still taught in secondary classes, then became deputy head and stopped teaching and then became head. And along the years of progress from one role to another, there were years of studying. The process was an automatic one to be honest. There were opportunities and I decided to take the step in the new role.

What is your favourite part of this job?
Working with the students and helping them believe in themselves and then assisting them to achieve their potential, whatever that may be.

How did the covid 19 pandemic affect you and your job?
It became a lot more stressful and unfortunately took a lot of the time that otherwise I could have used to focus on other issues which are also very important. The safety of everybody became a priority. To cope with all the work and the stress, a lot of time was also taken from the afternoons and weekends.

What was one of your most memorable experiences in this school?
There are many memorable experiences. I cannot just choose one. There are the spring and Christmas concerts, the Holy Communions, prize days, Christmas markets, live ins and car washes. The women’s day event was also a special day. Organising the food bank and other fund raising activities are very dear to my heart. Winning awards such as eko-skola green flag and the dinja wahda blue banner. The achievements such as the bBrave anti-bullying awards and now the Hritage Malta award. Our annual staff video and so many achievements which are feathers in OLIS’ cap. This could only happen as a result of a lot of hard work and team work from everybody. I steer the ship, so many others row the oars !!

What are you going to miss most about our school?
The contact and very positive relationship I have with all the students, young and older, and all my colleagues and sisters, especially the assistant heads.

By Rebecca Farrugia and Alexa Pisani – OLIS Students