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The Oenpelli Python – an incredibly rare and mysterious species of python that can change colour. Interesting right?
This species of python is only native to a very small part of Australia in the Northern West territory. It lives in the sandstone massif available there in caves, trees, or underneath rocks. It is a territorial species which means that it stays in the same section of lands such as a shady cave or overhang. These pythons like the shade to stay cool from the blazing Australian sun.

The population of these pythons is poorly surveyed, as the small region where they live is almost inaccessible for humans. This can be good for their survival or bad. The Northern Territory Government says that the species is close to extinction and fewer than 10,000 remain in the wild. This is because the minuscule area which they inhabit is vulnerable to fire regimes and altered land use. Their eggs are also double that of a normal python’s, measuring a “huge” 110.5 by 60 millimeters.
Mainly their diet is made up of birds or rodents that happen to be nearby. Adults may also eat medium-to-large mammals such as

possums. The Oenpelli is an ambush predator which means that they remain motionless for long periods until they are ready to pounce on their prey.
This certain type of python can grow up to 5 meters but are unusually slim-bodied for their length. They are nocturnal and live for 25 years or longer. Their body-tone changes from day to night. During the day their scales are of a dark, brownish colour, but at night they turn a shimmering silver. Their belly stays a light, cream tone. It is still unsure why they do this.
Julia Spiteri Form 1 St. Matthew