Questions Prepared by Kayle Ellul Grade 6 St. Stephen

What is Your Favourite Colour? – Black

Who is your favourite book author? – J.K Rowling

Which is your favourite movie? – Cheaper by the dozen

What subjects did you like most and why? – I love practically all of the subjects but surely my favourite one is P.E. I enjoyed P.E. when I was younger and I wanted to pass all my knowledge to the future generations 🙂

Questions Prepared by Leah Callus SantGrade 6 St. Stephen

What is your second name? – My second name is Josephine

As regards to the songs, do you have favourite one? – One of my favourite group is surely Swedish House Mafia and my favourite song is Moth to a Flame

What is your favourite sport and which sport would you like to teach one day? – I really like swimming and surely if I was given the opportunity to teach it, that will be the one to teach with heart and passion.

Do you like staying at home especially during winter times? – Yes, Saturday night staying cozy at home with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate

Questions Prepared by Jodie GauciGrade 6 St. Stephen

Do you love your students? – Yes

Would you like to participate again in the X factor Malta? – I would never say never to any opportunity that might arise in the future

Do you like Christmas? – Yes, it is my favourite season of the year

What food do you like? – I am very fanatic about pasta. Anything with pasta will do.

Questions Prepared by Zalaya Farrugia RobertsGrade 6 St. Stephen

What is your favourite ice-cream flavour? – Chocolate

Which country that you have visited, did you enjoy the most? – I have been to various countries but surely the place that I really like the most was Amsterdam.

Would you dream of having children someday? – Yes

What would it be your dream pet? – I really like dogs and my dream pet would be Golden Retriever