“Trick or Treat!” we all yelled. It was probably the thousandth time we’d yelled it that night, but it still wasn’t old. Because we all knew that now the door was going to open and we’d get an awesome treat.

But at this house, that’s not what happened at all. When the door opened we saw nothing except a room. We went in and tried shouting to see if anyone was there. But, all we heard was a ‘meow’. We didn’t know where it came from or who made it, but as we went in the basement, there was a bony diminutive cat. It had feet of a witch, body of a skeleton and had no head at all. It had a name tag. On it, it said, “My name is ‘Niffum’,” but, it was a rather weird name for a cat. Was it really its  name? But then, before we could say anything, the cat said, “Why are you staring at me? I know my name tag says, ‘Niffum’ but my name is actually ‘Muffin,’ it is just flipped around. We thought that this cat was a very rare cat. We have never seen like it before.

It led us to its room and it was a very dark, shabby and old-fashioned room. It had more than a million treats in its room. The cat told us that he makes them. There he explained the creepy thing he does. He told us that his owner was a witch but, she died a week ago. Muffin continued that he used to kill rats, stuff them and hang them on her bed. Muffin was a very weird cat as he told us that he was born during the 1580s and is still alive. We were kind of scared but, it was intriguing. Muffin kept telling us how he spends his days and was as happy as a king that we listened and visited him. So, he gave us one of his special candies. Before we departed, we thanked him and headed home to research about this peculiar cat!

Written by Elaia Mamo Mangion, Grade 6 IHM