Did you know that 30th March is World Pencil Day? I bet you didn’t! Well, on this very day I was enthusiastic to go on a school outing with the class, which promised to be the perfect day out.

The bus was as yellow as sunshine, and everybody was very eager to get on it. When we finally got on, we headed to the back of the bus, found an empty seat, sat, and at that very moment the driver said, ‘seatbelts on kids.’ He had a bushy black moustache, a beefy neck and he looked like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. The kids put on their seatbelt and off we went! The view out of the window was picturesque and like in most school outings, the moment we went in a tunnel everyone started screaming until we came out. We were all so excited to get to our destination and start the clean-up that the bus journey appeared to be never ending.

As we got out of the bus, I felt the cool sea breeze on me. Soon, we were ready to start the clean-up, but before this started, the children were given a sheet to fill in as they progress in their activity. My problems started when I was left behind as the children started cleaning the beach. As I was admiring the lovely beach, I fell and lay helplessly on the ground waiting for someone to pick me up I was devastated as I saw the yellow school bus leave without me. My outing was ruined! Anyway, it’s tough to be a pencil!

Written by Emma Scerri – Grade 6 St. Stephen