Raquel Buhagiar – St Mark – Form 1

Lots of teachers have influenced me throughout my life but the teacher that has inspired me most is my kind-hearted mum. All my teachers had made a positive difference in my life, but my mum is a person like no other.  

First of all she gave me life and nurtured me. She gave me loads of affection and loved me unconditionally. She always told me to be strong, kind to others and never give up on my dreams! She always emphasised the importance to enjoy our beautiful life. My mum is as sweet as honey!

My mum also taught me to be positive in every situation, to laugh and to believe in myself no matter what. She taught me good manners such as how to be polite and respect all human beings. I love my mum to the moon and back!

I am the luckiest child ever to have such a caring and supportive teacher in my life! Most importantly my mum taught me the most important lesson in life, which is to love others.