Leah Formosa Form 3 St. Cecilia

“Girls and women’s rights are important!” How I love this sentence! Although, it wasn’t always this way. Hundreds of years ago, women and teen girls weren’t accepted in society as much as men and boys. Females were just second to males.

In my opinion, as much as boys can go to school, have a job and be the bread winner of the family, girls can do this too! Why should we limit girls from having a good education, a carrier and a healthy lifestyle?  According to research, in Lexington, the first girl school was opened in 1839. If girls can be leaders, politicians or in the army, why wasn’t this allowed back then?

Nowadays, girls are given more opportunities, attention and importance as back then, but still there are some countries that the situation there has to improve. An important adolescent to women and girls is Malala Yousafzai. She was restricted from going to school and having an education but she did not and is not giving up even though they shot her on the head.

It is with a huge relief that now girls and women are allowed to have more rights. Young girls should and have every right for education and safe lives. Why? Because girls are people who can make a huge and positive impact on this world!