Poems by some of the students in Year 7 St. Matthew – about being a student during a pandemic

Once I was 

by Estella Attard 

Once I was at school reading a book, 

 My body shook with fear and my eyes were about to cry! 

But was it all a lie? I just couldn’t deny! 

And that was my last goodbye. 

Once I was at home, depressed and all alone, 

With no one to see and annoy! 

I was left with just a screen and a pandemic worldwide. 

Just a few more days I used to say, and it was all a lie! 

Once I was on the couch, 

listening to measures to stay inside, 

But then the trees began to dance 

and pillows of cotton drifted across the sky. 

The wind laughed with joy and I was left with no surprise, 

that I would be stuck at home all day and night 

And once again, I was left with just a screen and a pandemic worldwide. 

But then a miracle was sent from heaven

and the shops began to smile! 

My life was back to normal

and merry and joyous was I! 

Was it the end? I asked 

But no, it was just a lie, and I couldn’t deny. 

Covid’s Lessons 

by Lorelai Vella

Oh Covid what have you done 

Inside I feel so numb 

Life drags on, not as before  

I miss the great outdoor 

Nonetheless you taught me loads 

Carpe Diem , and play the notes 

See the world and seize the moment 

Live life to the full without torment  

Being a student

by Mirea Magro

Being a student

Is quite hard 

Though I pull through 

It’s still a shard 

If you want to succeed 

It’s up to you 

so good luck and 

you will pull through 

But this year isn’t 

What I thought it would be 

 ‘Cause the pandemic came 

look and see 

Covid has been the worst for me 

I’m stuck doing online lessons you see 

So this is the end for my poem you see 

I hope you enjoyed the story of me 

Nasty covid-19

by Lara Fede

The students are on alert  

A mind-numbing fear  

A green spiky ball  

Called covid-19  

I sit on my desk  

Staring at the screen  

‘’Beep’’ ‘’ Beep ‘’ Oh no the internet  

What should I do?  

Get out of the meeting  

Get in again  

At least I can see my friends and teacher,  

In front of my screen  

Please go away covid, coronavirus, covid-19  

Come on, are you deaf ?  

Are you not noticing,   

we don’t want you!   


by Kailyn Fenech Cricchiola

Being a student in a pandemic. 

It makes you think hard on life. 

The voices in your own mind take over. 

And you feel like you’re not good enough. 

You get depressed. 

You get stressed. 

You find yourself falling more and more every day. 

But it’s also peaceful you know. 

Like the falling is a good falling. 

Like you find yourself thinking more on the bright side. 

And that just makes you feel better

And that is a student in a pandemic.

This Pandemic

by Laura Formosa

I’m staring at my laptop. 

It’s hard to pay attention. 

This online class is boring 

and I have a poor connection. 

Now this is my first lockdown. 

I’m not sad, I really tried. 

I heard there’s angry wardens 

that are guarding the outside. 

This mask will drive me crazy, 

once outdoors it’s on my face. 

A granny shouted at me, 

“Wear your mask you big disgrace!” 

I miss the friendly hangouts, 

I’m not making any fuss. 

I still enjoy my evenings 

playing games like Among Us