Written by: Miraine Farrugia Form 5 

A year ago we had a wonderful day with a fruitful experience.  My friends and I went for a different type of outing. We went to Gnejna Bay which there was a turtle release.  Janis, the name of the released turtle was rescued by the AFM in February 2019. Janis was found entangled in marine debris during the storm earlier this year that caused €25 million in damage. She was really injured and was in a really bad state. It took her 8 months to recover and to be in a good state to be released again. Janis was fitted with a satellite tracker that will enable the public to track the turtle on her journey back into the wild. Also on that day plastic awareness continued to be raised. We had 2 tasks to do per school. Our first task was to clean the sand from rubbish and also micro plastics. I couldn’t believe of how many micro plastics there were and that in reality everyone can find hidden ones in the sand , being a kid or a scientist. Our second task was to be creative and take a photo which has a message behind it.  We really worked great as a team and came up with nice photos.