My name is Emma Brownrigg Fenech. Most probably you heard my name around in the school, because I take part in a lot of after-school activities. I have always been interested in politics and in spreading my opinion about what’s happening around me and through this school I had many opportunities, one of which was participating in the KNŻ (Kunsill Nazzjonali taz-Żghażagh), National Youth Parliament 2020.

You may ask what is KNŻ ? Well it’s a voluntary and autonomous NGO, a leading actor in Maltese Civil Society, a forum for dialogue for young people, organisations and youth in general, a channel of information and opinions between young people and decision-makers and a representative body of young people’s interests. So I went ahead and applied.

A month later I got an e-mail that I was accepted, and that the following Monday, the 4th of August, we were going to have our first official meeting on zoom because of Covid-19, but anyways I was so excited!!! I was one step closer to becoming a politician!! A week had passed and it was officially Monday. The meeting was going to be held at 5:30pm and I was literally counting the minutes because I was so nervous and overwhelmed with excitement!! The zoom live meeting ended and it was really interesting. Basically we talked about the four titles from which we needed to choose one when we applied. The four headlines were: 1) the economic consequences of Covid-19, 2) the opportunities for sport and the arts in Malta, 3) irregular immigrants 4) the activism of young people in politics. I had chosen the title on irregular immigrants. We were all eager to discuss and debate on this topic.

In November we have to go to parliament and to the local councils to give our suggestions on this topic. If the members of parliament agree with us, there might basically be a new law.  Prior to this process of giving suggestions, we need to carry out a lot of research and interviews with people about irregular immigrants.  Unfortunately I am the only person that participated from our school, but I’m more than happy that I’m representing my school!